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Crystal Pearl Necklace




Krystal London

Pink Coral Cosmic Blue Dark Lapis Red coral Snake Eyes Rose Gold Pearlescent white


Colour: Dark Lapis

Size: 10mm

"The beauty in an elegant and classic style of a single strand of pearls will never go out of style." Especially these glamorous modern take on pearls Krystal London has taken. They simply radiate beauty and will be best partnered with our push back pearl earrings to match. Made for all occasions, best for dinner wear. Available in 10mm and selected in 16mm.

  • Finish: Sterling Silver adjuster (Stamped 925)
  • Caution: Avoid contact with liquids
  • Handmade in London with love

Please note: Krystal London Pearls are not real pearls but Swarovski hand made pearls

Product Code: KS5015

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